About Us

Africanamigo Travel  is an owner run & managed Travel Company by Felie Mkandawire with 15 years’ experience in the travel industry. Africanamigo was birthed from a combination of a love of travel, a love of the African continent and its people and a love for discovery.

Having spent the early part of my life as an airline pilot and later a destination marketer I had the rare opportunity of travelling the world and in particular Africa.

Interacting with the people of the different countries was a fascinating journey of discovery and it was through this that a passion was born to expose others to the beauty that is Africa not only to the world but beginning with the fellow Africans

Africa is rich in its diversity and the different nations in some ways very alike and in others as different as can be.

What’s more among the different clusters of countries, there is such a strong evidence of shared origins. Migration of the people between neighbouring countries means that most of the people will have a link with another country, or two, or three….

A culture of travel and discovery will once again bring us to the realisation that we are ALL ONE!

To the rest of the world, you will discover that Africa is not all about poverty, war and disease but that in the midst of it all, she has a vibrant people, stunning nature and a rich culture