Destination Malawi

A hidden gem in the middle of Africa, Malawi has it all. Aptly known as ‘The warm heart of Africa’, her people are known for their warmth and hospitality and have been widely acknowledged as one of the friendliest people in the world.

Her main attraction is the Lake Malawi, a great destination for water sports and beach holidays without the overcrowding normally associated with other beach destinations.

The Lake Malawi National Park in Cape Maclear  is the world’s first freshwater national park and a world heritage site. Offering over 600 species of fish in its clear waters, it is truly every diver’s dream.

The wildlife is amazing and abundant in the many other National Parks and game Reserves and the adventurous traveller will find endless thrills and challenges on mount Mulanje as well as Zomba Plateau and Nyika National Park  

Although relatively small in size, Malawi has a rich and diverse culture. Our Matchona Tours are specifically designed to expose the Malawians in the diaspora and their descendants a taste of this culture but everyone is welcome

Every year Malawi hosts a number of sporting, traditional & cultural  events. visit our events page to check out upcoming events you may be interested in.


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