Wildlife & Nature


Although she does not have the vast numbers of mammals as some of her neighbouring countries, Malawi is nevertheless blessed with some of the most fascinating animal species which can be enjoyed in the wealth of National parks and Wildlife reserves across the country many of them offering comfortable and luxury accommodation and unique game viewing experiences.


Malawi is also a birdwatcher’s paradise with around six hundred and fifty different species identified of which ten per cent are not seen in other parts of southern Africa. About 80% of the recorded species breed in the country while the rest are migratory, mostly from Europe and Asia. Birdwatching can be enjoyed all year round but the biggest range can be seen between  September and April.

Landscape & Scenery

With the Great Rift Valley passing through the country and flanked by highlands on both sides, Malawi's altitudes range from just above sea-level to almost 10,000 ft on the Mulanje mountain peak. This wide range of altitudes within a small area makes the variety of scenery which can be experienced a big attraction for visitors.