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A former Malawian president used to say, “kuphunzira sisukulu yokha, komanso kuyenda”, literary translated ‘you don’t only learn in class but also through travel’. At Africanamigo we firmly believe this and our Motto, “To Travel is to Discover” is a reflection of our passion to make every travel experience a journey of discovery for our clients.  

We are a one stop travel company specialising in packages  to Malawi and  South Africa catering for both groups and individuals and will tailor make an itinerary to suit your requirements

Destination Malawi

Let us help you discover the wonder that is Malawi, the unspoilt hidden gem in the middle of Africa. 

Out of Africa 

Out of Africa packages are tailored for our customers from  the rest of Africa inbound to South Africa. We offer our customers a world class experience while remaining close to home.

Packages & Tours

Specialised packages and tours are available from time to time. Visit our Packages page for current offers.

Accommodation Bookings

Contact us for your accommodation requirements in Malawi and  South Africa

School Tours

Add some excitement to your school trips by letting your scholars discover the people,culture and history of other countries first hand.


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